Artistic Policy

We Are A Real Theatre Company aim to create theatre, live art and performance which is not only groundbreaking and innovative, but which pushes the limitations of theatrical form, through a synthesis of philosophy, theory and practice.

Our mission is to devise new theatrical forms that are visually and intellectually stimulating, as well as being accessible to diverse audiences. Through extensive research projects, the company aims to develop theatre that is relevant on a national and international scale. We aim to bring cutting edge experimental work to audiences both new and old to theatre, using a variety of artistic forms including live music and surreal humour that goes beyond language to cross boundaries between cultures and communities.

It is a strong belief of the company that theatre and art can and should be accessible on many levels to all audiences, in order to both encourage and educate the growth of culture and the arts across communities, also reaching those with less art exposure.

We Are A Real Theatre Company believe in and promote the following artistic values within their work:

  • Postmodernity – We strive for what is at the forefront of contemporary theatre, and through circulating within the postmodern theatrical image, We Are A Real stretch the boundaries of theatricality and its possibilities, questioning the very art-form through which we (both performer and audience) express ourselves. The company readily use and research ideas of postmodern philosophy, believing that it can offer new perspectives and outlets in the arts. The company are also exploring what may be beyond, in the Post-Postmodern (see future aims).
  • Music/Musicality/Ritual – Music and ritual form a major part of the company‟s ethos. Firstly, music is a universal language, which allows for the company to connect cross-culturally, and also brings an inter-disciplinarian approach to the creation of theatre. As with music, ritual lies at the heart of the performance aspect of the company, but also in the rehearsal and research process. We believe that ritual practice connects our practice with the real world, and subsequently the ethereal world, and is key to connecting our research to practice, and our practice to the audiences we reach.
  • Invention/Innovation – In the creation of our theatre there is always a sense of invention. Inventing is a way of understanding how things work, and allows the company to begin to unpick and analyse not only philosophical ideas but humanity and our universe itself. It allows the company to find the relevance within their practice, and to shape a cultural/artist perspective. Inventing takes many forms in the company‟s work, from actual built contraptions, to invented languages and beings; the company relies on dynamic thought, which is not always logical, but can always relate to the artistic vision. Technology also plays a vital role in our creation of new things.
  • Surrealism – The work we create is evocative, experimental and takes inspiration from the Dada movement. Surrealism offers an outlet for the eclectic material we harvest, develop and nurture, and is a key for the comedic elements so often present in our performances.
  • Influential Practitioners – The Company‟s work is influenced by many international dramaturgists and philosophers, but particularly Jacques Derrida, Jean Baudrillard, Samuel Beckett, Tadeusz Kantor, Eugenio Barba and Tim Etchells.

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