We aim:

  • To increase the company‟s profile throughout Britain as a leading dramaturgical ambassador, and bring their unique style and surreal methodologies to fruition across the U.K., through both performances and workshops, as well as perhaps seminars and lectures.
  • To become a model of excellence and innovation in the field of contemporary performance practice.
  • To reach out to those communities less engaged with the arts, in particular through the form of theatre, but also community based projects and transferral of simple but engaging skills.
  • To collaborate with interdisciplinary artists to create new and exciting projects.
  • To undertake an extensive period of research to discover what we have termed “Post-postmodernity.” As this suggests, we aim – through a process which will comprise library and otherwise document-related research, practical exploration and experimentation, lectures, seminars and open workshops, as well as other forms (as and when they become necessary) – to discover the area of philosophical thought that lies beyond postmodernism. This arose during the research and rehearsal period of “A Blank Space- Approximately 8cm Long”. We foresee this project lasting at least 12 months, and will probably be a perpetual field of study for the company.
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