The West Northumbrian Morris in Popular Culture

Or to give it its full title, “A Treatise on the Influence of West Northumbrian Morris Dancing in Popular Culture”. This show was developed by Ivor Houlker and Jake Harisson, and performed at Camden Image Gallery on 1st February, 2014, and was well-reviewed in London City Nights.

“When I saw Ivor Lloyd and Jake Harrison emerge with bells attached to their knees and an accordion in tow my heart sank a little bit more, but I very quickly warmed to them. Standing atop a blue stool Ivor delivered a neatly clipped and vaguely Pythonesque treatise on “The Influence of West Northumbrian Morris Dancing in Popular Culture” interspersed with snippets of dancing.”

“Two things made this unlikely setup work; firstly was that both Ivor and Jake are actually damn good at what they do; the sound of the accordion nicely evocative of old-fashioned entertainment and the dancing planned and executed smoothly. Any bozo can flail their arms wildly in the air, but there was control and method to this flailing – adding a nice sense of ritual to the piece.” – London City Nights