Men Avoid Jars

Men Avoid Jars takes surrealism to the very edge of reason; a combination of puppetry, music, dance and general chaos throw us headlong into this explosive hour of philosophical yearning. In an age of austerity, as we approach a cultural Olympiad, Men Avoid Jars offers us an altruistic deconstruction of all that is, was, and will be.

“This duo spark with the potential for genius- seriously funny.” – Prague Post, 2011 Prague Fringe Festival

Men Avoid Jars 1

At the heart of this production is the company’s keen thirst for experimentation. Men Avoid Jars could quite easily be billed as a surrealist cabaret, and yet this production has underlying motives rooted much deeper than for pure entertainment purposes.

The play begins in much the same vein as it will carry on- the constant unease/awkward feeling that is created from the very start of this performance is something which becomes ever more poignant throughout. It carries notions of a society on the brink of collapse. The performance is riddled with discordianist references – ritual rules, whilst chaos reigns, and it is this delicate balance which gives the show its unique atmosphere.

James Hodgson plays the protagonist, frequently changing guise and persona throughout – Ivor Houlker plays the player, supplying the backbone of the performance.

The show is essentially an absurd musical, an immersive piece of cutting edge contemporary theatre that deals with just about as many themes as surprises.

Men Avoid Jars is the company’s first, and flagship performance, and continues to be developed. The company aim to complete a re-staging of the production to premiere in 2015. Watch this space…

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Videos from Men Avoid Jars, Edinburgh Fringe performance of 2011: