Metamodernism: A Glossary

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Or to give it its full title, “Investigating the Creation of a Glossary for Metamodernism- Society Today”. The second in We Are a Real‘s performance lecture series, the piece was performed at Camden Image Gallery, as part of Lab451 on 26 August, 2014.

The lecture addresses dramatic cultural shifts and their effects on modern society, and inevitably the arts. Addressing matters of definition, the metamodern condition from meme to medium, technology/trends, performance practice, funding matters, dramatisation and catharsis.

Defining Metamodernism

Metamodernism as a term was first coined in a 2010 lecture on post-postmodernism. It defines metamodernism as something of an oscillation(fluctuation, not balance) between Modernist enthusiasm, and Postmodern Irony.

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