Clowns in the Closet

Keeping true to the company’s largely improvised and anarchic nature, Clowns in the Closet promises uproar (you might get wet) as tragic clowns Hodgson and Harrison go to ‘Aesopic’ lengths to bring order to a dingy back room somewhere in the Czech Republic. In this fast-paced performance, the eponymous clowns will deconstruct common fables and explore story-telling techniques whilst uncovering a plethora of laugh-every-four/five-minutes material.

Two clowns find themselves stuck, confused, and calamitous in a world unfathomable to their incredibly feeble minds. Together they search for meaning through the great classics, from Sartre to Dickens, Molière to Beckett. A performance with “Dazzling special effects” that “perfectly capture the quintessential frailty of man.”

The show was presented first as a work in progress at the start of 2012 in The Roebuck Inn, Laughton. It premiered at Prague Fringe Festival 2012 at Kavárna 3+1, where it received critical acclaim from Prague TV. The company went on to perform the piece at the Albany Theatre in Deptford as part of their Kadaret Cabaret.