A Blank Space

We Are a Real Theatre Company presents A Blank Space Approximately 8cm Long, a visual manifestation of the philosophy of Nothingness. This performance was filmed at Rose Bruford College as part of the season of dissertations.

From Zen to Geometry, an investigation into all that leads us to our own understanding of nothingness is discussed in this movement based piece; it is an insight into a new mode of philosophical art, which is often humorous, tedious and mesmerising to watch.

“What more is there to say?” – Gatehouse Arts, 2011.

Conceived by James Hodgson, and realised in collaboration with Ivor Houlker, Jacob Harrison and Solveig Eva, as well as visual artist Tom Hodgson, A Blank Space circulates beyond the post-modern, coining the term post-post-modern as a new form of expressivity (or non-expressivity as the case may be). Incorporating ancient meditative practices and avant-garde theatrical styles, the performance is intelligent and yet methodical.

Further Development of A Blank Space

A Blank Space was presented at the Gatehouse Gallery, Essex as part of Gatehouse Live: The Practicalities of Language. The piece was adapted specifically for the space, and a reduced number of performers. Images are below.
A Blank Space 1A Blank Space 2

A durational adaptation of A Blank Space is currently being discussed by the company, as a means of both performer training, and further investigative research into ‘Nothingness performance’, and the performer’s state of ‘non-non-performance’.