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Review of Men Avoid Jars

I just found an old review of Men Avoid Jars in my e-mail, that I thought had been lost forever in the depths of the internet. Here it is (no, I didn’t write it myself).

A Review from The Prague Post, by Will Noble

Men Avoid Jars—–

Reeves and Mortimer. The Mighty Boosh. The Goons: Much of the great absurdist comedies started out in the dingy backroom of pubs. The broom cupboard-size “space” of Kavarna 3+1 therefore, is an apt setting for self-proclaimed dadaists, surrealists and postmodernists, Men Avoid Jars. At their best, this duo spark with the potential for genius: the show begins with one half – a dead ringer for a young Peter Cook – roller skating up the aisle, cupping a tea light in his hands while uttering some kind of nonsensical mantra. Clambering with much difficulty up onto a chair, he then begins to belt out national anthems of the world, most of which he sings to the tune of God Save the Queen. Alright, this is the sort of skit you really need to witness firsthand, but it’s seriously funny, and the twenty-odd people crammed into the room think so too.

The next hour is peppered with these wonderful moments: another being when the other half of the pair attempts to play his keyboard with a pair of chopsticks attached to his forehead. At other times, however, it’s as if Men Avoid Jars are short on material; first we’re challenged to a party game in which we’re to get our chairs 360 degrees around our bodies without letting go. Then, in a cheeky dig at The Human Jukebox, the duo start fielding song requests, only to wimp out with lazily improvised nonsense. Both performers seem to think they’ve made a much worse impression on the room than they actually have, promising as they do that the show will soon be over. In fact there’s no need for such self-deprecation. Though it will take some work to shape Men Avoid Jars into greatness, in essence there is something inherently funny about the pair. And at this stage, that’s what really matters. – The Prague Post, by Will Noble